The Quality Control Laboratory has developed with Cannon Instruments a unique listing of Calibration standards.
These standards are calibrated over 6 temperatures from 20 degrees Centigrade to 27.0 Centigrade.

CANNON Instrument Company can now provide Flash Point Reference Materials for calibrating Flash Point Testers. A total of six different standards are available for the following ASTM methods: ASTM D 56, ASTM D 92, and ASTM D 93. The data provided for each standard includes the average flash point for the lot and the standard deviation observed from 20 tests in 10 different laboratories. Nominal flash points for the various standards are shown in the accompanying table. The four standards with lower flash points are made from high purity alkane materials, while the two standards with higher flash points are made from narrow distributions of decane oligomers. Flash Point Standards are sold in 500 mL bottles.

Calibration Oils

Custom Blend Calibration Oil