Chocolate application

Which instrument to choose for chocolate?

Measuring chocolate viscosity is important to the confectionery in order to help optimize chocolate flow properties in a melted condition for various mixing and coating applications.

To make your chocolate to perfection we recommend following Brookfield instruments:

DV2THA Viscometer or DV3THA Rheometer

*Ball Bearing Suspension

TC-150 Water Bath

Small Sample adapter

SC4-27 Spindle

SC4-13RPY Sample chamber w/RTD probe

*If your viscometer or rheometer is used by multiple operators or in a busy laboratory, a more durable ball bearing suspension system may help keep your instrument in calibration longer with less “down time”. This option can be ordered at the time of purchase and a retrofit to existing instruments its available.

This option is only available for the torque ranges of RV, HA and HB.