Construction Materials

Which instrument to choose for construction materials?

The construction industry manufactures a wide range of materials with medium to high viscosity. Methods and spindles are available that can handle materials ranging from gypsum-based joint compounds, cement, concretes, mortars and grouts to various clay mixtures.

Multiple spindle types can be used with the same instrument minimizing investment cost.

Yield stress test gives more information than traditional “slump test”.

Flow curves are quickly generated to show complete shear thinning behavior for consistent quality.

The instruments we are recommending are:

RST-SST Touch Rheometer – Brookfield’s high end, touch screen rheometer uses vane spindle geometry in both controlled stress and controlled rate modes to characterize creep behavior as well as yield stress and viscosity profiles.

DV3T Rheometer – easy to use, simple and reliable.


picture from Ecologist