Cross Hatch Cutter

Used in the cross-cut test to evaluate the adhesion of the coating film. With the cross hatch cutter, you can make 6 or 11 cuts at a time on the coating. 

By using a multi-blade cutter, it is possible to quickly and accurately perform cross-cut tests that have been time consuming. The blades are 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 1.5mm apart.  Thanks to great design by exchanging only the blade you can use cross hatch cutter for tests on other intervals and squares. All cuts will be neatly entered. The spare blade has 8 edges (cutting angle), and the new blade for 8 blades can be tested by rotating the cutter. There is a simple set with a main body + cutter + blade replacement hex wrench in a dedicated paver box, and a complete kit in a special case with a lighted loupe, brush and adhesive tape. 

when performing the test to evaluate coatings adhesion, a multi-blade is attached to the tip, and 6 cuts are made at once to the coating film. You can make a grid-like crosscut in the middle by making cuts vertically and horizontally. Adhesive tape is applied there and peeled off instantaneously. The test part is classified by comparing the state where the paint film has been peeled off by the tape with the example of test results classification 0-5 in the JIS standard. 

Cross Hatch Cutter is very easy to operate with immediate results, pocket size and 100% reliability is the best choice for all the small and big projects.