The dial reading viscometer is a rugged, mechanically simple measurement instrument. Its calibration spring is unaffected by long use extreme environmental conditions retaining its calibration indefinitely. Readings from the viscometer dial can be directly converted into centipoises units [cP]; no timing or involved in calculations, choice of 8 speeds, supplied with spindles and Laboratory Stands.

The DV-E is low cost Digital instrument based on the analogue but with digital readout displaying cP or mPa.s % Torque, Spindle and Speed. Simplified controls allow operator to change test parameters quickly with the push of a switch and a turn of a knob.

Choice of 18 speeds, supplied with spindles and Laboratory Stand.

DV1+ is based on a electronic sensing device out putting continuous signals giving Viscosity [cP or mPa,s] % scale speed and spindle. Select all functions from a user-friendly keypad. Can be fitted with Chart recorder if required.

DV1+ Viscometers are mainly used in Quality Control and Research. They have a choice of 18 speeds, supplied with spindles and Laboratory Stand.

The DV11+ and DV111+ are instruments primarily for QC Laboratory and Research departments. For this purpose they are both supplied with computer compatibility with enhanced software packages.

The Brookfield DV11+ viscometer continuously senses and displays at a touch.

  • Temperature (degree C or F)
  • Viscosity (Cp or mPa.s)
  • % Scale Brookfield
  • Shear Rate (sec-1)
  • Shear Stress (dynes / cm or N / m)
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Spindle

The DV111+ is a user friendly and can perform a wide variety of viscosity tests that previously required the use of a computer. You can input, sore and recall up to 10 test programmes. You can measure and display shear rates, shear stress values.

  • Built in microprocessor simplifies testing
  • Flow curves
  • 2500 speeds at a touch
  • Temperature measurement
  • User friendly programming
  • Walk-away capability
  • Printer compatible

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