ISO 2431 Stainless Steel Flow Cup

We are very Happy to announce that we are back to manufacturing ISO 100% Stainless Steel flow cups. We will still be selling aluminium with stainless steel nozzle but we will always recommend for most of the project stainless steel.

Why? Let’s have a look.

Stainless steel is is a type of steel that has a unique ability to resist stains and corrosion. Ten percent of stainless steel comes from the addition of chromium, which is the “magic ingredient” that gives the steel its unique properties. The steel that is used to create stainless steel is a low carbon steel.

One of the most unique abilities of stainless steel is its ability to heal itself. The chromium content allows for the formation of an invisible chromium oxide film on the surface of the steel. If the damaged stainless steel is exposed to oxygen – even in small amounts – it will become self-healing, even with mechanical and chemical damage.

One of many benefits of using stainless steel materials is the significant strength-to-weight advantage over other material options. Because of the unique ability of stainless steel to resist corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage, high strength duplex grades provide added strength, allowing for a reduced thickness in the material, providing a cost advantage over conventional grades of stainless steel.

Stainless steel provides a low maintenance, corrosion resistant and good-looking material that is preferred in many commercial uses. The alloy can be made into stainless steel plates, bars, wire, sheets and tubing, making it ideal for use in manufacturing surgical instruments, appliances, hardware, cookware and cutlery, building material for large buildings and skyscrapers and of course FLOW CUPS.

Kitchens, food processing plants, hospitals, medical offices, surgical centers and other industries rely heavily on stainless steel for easy cleaning and sterilization. The aviation industry also uses different grades of stainless steel materials due to their ability to add strength without adding a lot of weight like other materials.

So if you think flow cup, think stainless steel for the benefits of your products, projects and safety.

BS3900 & ISO