Electric Pencil Hardness Tester


BEVS 1309 Electric Pencil Hardness Tester is a leading portable instrument with small size and user-friendly design. The pencil tip weight range is adjustable from 500 to 1000 grams and the test speed is adjustable from 0.5 mm/s to 8 mm/s.

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Product Description

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Electric Pencil Hardness Tester


Adjust weight of pencil tip from 500 to 1000g manually

Real-time read weight from display window

With level bubble to indicate current horizontal state of tester

Technical Specification

Moving speed: 0.5 – 8 mm/s, adjusting by knob

Moving direction: One way, on or off by press button

Control method: Control box external

Compatible power supply: Charging bank (5V, DC) to reach low speed movement

Dimension: 205 x 58 x 80mm (L x W x H)

Total weight: 2.2 Kg

Power: 100V – 220V convert to 12V DC


Order Information

BEVS 1309 Electric Pencil Hardness Tester